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The transport Network that moves you Cabo Frio, 19-01-2017

What the byFRETE do

Think about situations as the one of people that need an imported product or who need to move, to change, to walk, to work, to send documents, pouches, objects, to transport or to freight services and that they can make that, besides in a shared way or solidary! Could be:

  • Corresponding juridical, diligences and correspondences for professionals that can represent natural persons or juridical to render services in distant places without they have to move.
  • People that need to bring products, correspondences or to buy products of the exterior can order somebody that habit to travel and it published the itinerary of their trip to bring orders.
  • A change or transport vehicle that it has space for more loads, changes or people, in a shared way, taking advantage of the empty spaces, the routes and the frequency with that accomplishes those trips and their itineraries.
  • A taxi taking correspondences or packages taking advantage of the races without leaving their route, or do you think a taxi can only transport passengers? As well as sharing a same vehicle with other users to transport somebody, some article or some object in agreement with their need.
  • People to carry luggages, equipments for a team in expedition, trip, ecological tourism, trip, accomplishment of shows or in a tour.
  • A local resident rendering service of transport of luggages for people that stay in the high of some communities.
  • The use of bicycles, skates, skateboards or other vehicles and means to do delivery services and correspondences and packages.
  • Transport of animals or animals to transport goods and people.
  • People by foot who may be transport and delivery packages and correspondences taking advantage their own displacements.

Who wins with those practices? All! People, professionals and the environment.

We put in contact people interested in freight services, transport, change or tourist walks and that seek fair prices and more advantages. In our site the users enroll and they publish their demands, their offers of services and their itineraries, they receive and they do proposed, they talk and they negotiate in private way and later they can had selected better proposal.

In our Blog you will know our campaigns in details and the innovations on the section.

The byFRETE is like this, a relationship net among transporters and users that need to send goods or to move, in any area and that they can make that, besides, in a shared way or solidary. Know now! Be part of our net!

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